1.2 Special Benefits for Low-Income Families During the COVID Pandemic

Presenter: Sheila Forrester

Title: Family and Community Development Coordinator

Organization: Capital Area Head Start

Co-Presenter: Bill McLaughlin, Paralegal, North Penn Legal Services

Co-Presenter: Peter Zurflieh, Attorney, Community Justice Project

Workshop Description
While this has proven to be a bit of a moving target, this session will cover special benefits, many of which have been authorized by COVID relief bills passed by Congress, to help low-income families experiencing hardship as a result of the COVID pandemic. Depending on what programs are in effect at the time of the session, this could include extended Unemployment Compensation, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, UC Bonus payments, Increased SNAP allotments, and Rent Relief programs. It will also include discussion of special COVID policies, such as the moratorium on Medical Assistance terminations, child care for distance learning and remote participation in Employment and Training Programs, and special allowances for lap tops.