10.3 What’s L.O.V.E.® Got To Do With It? Engaging Parents Through Their Passion for Their Children

Presenter: Pam Waddell

Title: Family Engagement Specialist

Organization: ICF

Co-Presenter: Rashanda Jenkins, Grantee Specialist, ICF

Workshop Description

For this 90 minute workshop - Family engagement is not a “one-size-fits-all” set of steps, but rather a set of constantly changing interactions and relationships among families, schools and communities. Family Engagement is most successful when it is coordinated and integrated across organizations. During this workshop participants will learn innovative techniques and strategies for engaging parents in their children’s health through L.O.V.E. ® (Listening, Observing, Valuing and Encouraging). Participants will also explore the distinctions between Family Involvement & Family Engagement, how to develop your Parent, Family and Community Approach for marketing and planning parent engagement activities and trainings. Finally, participants will learn ways to create an engaging training using adult learning principles.