2.1 Leveraging Community Resources: How to Add Value Without Spending Extra Money

Presenter: Kathe Petchel

Title: Business Development

Organization: HINGE Early Education

Workshop Description
We’ve all heard the old business adage, “You have to spend money to make money.” But with numerous grants and community resources available to today’s business owners, a lot of the money is there for the taking—you just have to look for it. If your business is still trying to find its footing after the effects of the pandemic, consider partnerships over sponsorships and get resourceful with your funding and support. Join HINGE Brokers childcare operations expert Kathe Petchel to find out where money might be for childcare and small business grants as well as where owners can go to gain other resources for their childcare business. Kathe will also share more creative avenues for securing funding and ways she thought outside of the box to gain resources for her own schools.