2.2 Putting it into Practice: Resources and Strategies to Promote Anti-Bias Teaching and Home Visiting Practices

Presenter: Sheri Prince

Title: Early Childhood Specialist

Organization: Region III TTA - ICF

Co-Presenter: Brie Broughman, Early Childhood Specialist, Region III TTA - ICF

Workshop Description
Addressing bias and racism in early childhood settings is important and complex work that brings up many questions for programs and for coaches. In this webinar, learn how coaches build collaborative partnerships that can act as a safe space for exploring implicit bias in teaching and home visiting practices. Explore the importance of self-examination of personal biases. Discover how these individual biases can influence the coaching relationship, goals and action planning, and giving and receiving feedback focused on practices. Find out about resources to use in coaching work to promote anti-bias teaching and home visiting practices and ways to ensure equitable early learning for all young children.