4.1 Infusing Trauma Informed Care Across Multiple Early Learning Programs

Presenter: Pam Schaefer

Title: Program Coordinator Staff Training and Development

Organization: KenCrest Services

Co-Presenter: Christina Stiles, Education Consultant, KenCrest Services

Co-Presenter: Megan Nachod, Program Coordinator Adams Early Learning Center, KenCrest Services

Workshop Description
KenCrest is participating in a three year partnership with Crittenden's TraumaSmart™ program to implement a system-wide change. KenCrest has completed the first half of the partnership which included implementation of intense staff training with the support of consultation, implementation of Coaching, integration of mental health resources, development of parent education groups (Smart Connections), and development of site specific Trauma Informed Care (TIC) teams. We will review the model, implementation process completed so far, and success stories and lessons learned. We will share early results of measurements to assess the impact of TraumaSmart™ on our programs. We will share plans for the remainder of the project.