5.3 Integrating Family Services into a Comprehensive Service Delivery Model Part 1

Presenter: Karen Stone

Title: Director of Outcomes and Assessment

Organization: York Community Progress Council

Co-Presenter: Luisa Olivo-Wolf, Family Engagement Manager, York Community Progress Council

Co-Presenter: Lindsay Veres, Director, Self-Sufficiency Program, York Community Progress Council

Co-Presenter: Tina Fuhrman, ERSEA/Data Specialist, York Community Progress Council

Workshop Description
Based on the Bridges out of Poverty framework, this session will provide participants with the tools for how to put theory into practice and create a comprehensive and inclusive service delivery model. Session One will provide an overview of how use partnerships (both internal and external to your agency) to provide comprehensive and inclusive services to your clients. This session will be based on the fundamental language from Bridges out of Poverty and terms learned in a previous workshop.