In May, we will be running a series of three advocacy webinars.

May 4: Advocacy Basics
Presented by PA Association for the Education of Young Children
Funding and support for early care and education has increased, yet we ALL must do our part to help legislators and community members understand why it is so important to children, their families and our communities. You want to talk to your legislators, business and civic leaders and involve your colleagues in the process, but you don't know where to start? This session will show you how to build momentum and engage the families you serve within your organization and in your community.
May 6: Engaging Families in Advocacy
Presented by First Up: Champions for Early Education
Dive into the dynamics between educators and families, and explore strategies for building relationships and shifting involvement toward shared advocacy goals that benefit children, families, and learning.  
May 11Take Action: Crafting & Sharing Your Head Start Story
Presented by Trying Together
Effective messaging helps advocates communicate key points. We will review early childhood research and effective messaging such as brain science, return on investment, impact on the workforce and business community, and high-quality teaching. We will focus specifically on Head Start messaging and advocacy, and how to effectively weave in your Head Start narrative with the research and data. An impactful story goes a long way in influencing policy and decision makers. The goal is for attendees to begin crafting their Head Start story and plan to take action to advocate.  


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