Who We Are and What We Do

Our Mission: Pennsylvania Head Start Association improves the future for children, families, and communities who are economically challenged.

Our Vision: The Pennsylvania Head Start Association advocates for children and families who are economically challenged to ensure all children reach their full potential. As a responsive, collaborative, and thriving organization, we embrace diversity, promote comprehensive services, and unify the early childhood community by leading the charge for professional development, information sharing, and advocacy.

The Pennsylvania Head Start Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, a non-partisan association serving as a voice for Pennsylvania's most vulnerable children and families.

 Mental Health First Aid 

There are 11 spots remaining for the June 4th MHFA virtual session! 

Like CPR training helps a non-medical professional assist an individual following a heart attack, Mental Health First Aid helps an individual who doesn’t have clinical training assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis. In both situations, the goal is to help support an individual until appropriate professional help arrives. Community Services Group (CSG) staff are among the first in the nation to become certified trainers for this important program.

Participants will receive a digital manual and participant guide. Upon satisfactory completion of the course, participants are certified Mental Health First Aiders for 3 years.  

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