1.2 Daring Leadership for Personal Growth and Equity Development Part 1

Presenter: Tonya Kmetz

Title: Chief Facilitator

Organization: Teach Reach Master Consulting

Workshop Description
Within the context of equity and inclusion development, participants will complete a series of personal learning and leadership exercises. Participants will begin by defining equity vs equality. They will begin to dive deep into development by watching a video on the topic of vulnerability and discussing it's necessity in the movement toward action. Participants will examine the definitions of insitutional racism and implicit bias. They will complete and discuss reflections on an implicit bias assessment. Participants will be given a call to action to keep their eyes open to the inequity around them and take actions in their own settings to "move the needle." They will complete a Values Exercise as a step toward transformational leadership skills. Participants will then define culture and cultural values before completing a National Values Inventory for their programs to examine how the values supported by their centers may or may not be aligned with the families they serve. Participants will then have the opportunity to action plan based on results. Participants will examine and evaluate different inclusion strategies including a culturally sensitive family intake interview, suggestions for holidays/celebrations, and more. Participants will then discuss the need for resilient leadership given the adveristy that is involved with being an advocate in this movement. Participants will complete and reflect on a resilient leadership survey as well as review a resilience survey that can be completed with team members. Participants will close out by discussing 2-3 action steps created throughout the session to move toward a more equitable setting in their workplace.