1.5 Working Together: Collaborating for Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood

Presenter: Dr. Brandi Binakonsky

Title: Early Intervention Technical Assistance Consultant

Organization: Early Intervention Technical Assistance

Co-Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Furness

Workshop Description
Working Together provides a framework for successful collaboration to provide quality inclusive opportunities for every child. The components of this training include guided self-reflection about collaboration; Laws, Regulations, Policies, and Guidance; and Disability Language. The following activities will be used to engage the participants:

  • Collaborating in the classroom activity online polling (Kahoot, Mentimeter, etc.)
  • PDFs for review and small group discussions
  • Collaborating in the Classroom
  • DEC/NAEYC Joint Position Statement
  • Laws and Regulations
  • DEC Checklist Embedded Instruction
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Video on identify vs people first language
  • Confidentiality scenario small group discussion
  • Walk-around room group activity to review laws and regulations
  • Live demonstration of Activity File (elbow partner to break down the hierarchy of inclusion)