2.7 Connecting to a Child's Perspective of Awe and Wonder: Exploring Play and Technology

Presenter: Dr. Kathleen Harris

Title: Dean School of Education and Applied Social Sciences

Organization: Seton Hill University

Co-Presenter: Maria Stone

Workshop Description
Using technology, such as an iPad, to take photographs allow children to explore their natural world by allowing them to connect in their own way and in their own time. The art of awe and wonder is around us everywhere-- and every day. Using the iPad to take pictures represent a glance, just a moment in time. The personality of a child can be captured through play in nature using technology. This engaging workshop will introduce educators how young children can use photography, using the iPad, to create unique opportunities for social and emotional learning by representing their ideas, feelings, and interactions with peers. Educators will be introduced to contemplate photography as a way to engage children with storytelling, early literacy, social studies, art, and play. The presenters will include a variety of case studies of how photography was an effective and practical strategy for children to capture wonder and awe in their world by taking "pictures of the heart." A section of the workshop will introduce the Mosiac Approach for "Listening to the Child." The workshop will share a variety of ways teachers can use iPads for encouraging language development, social studies, and art in their early childhood classrooms.