3.5 Lens on Equity: Brave Conversation on Trauma, Poverty, and Embedded Inequity

Presenter: Dr. Veirdre Jackson

Title: CEO, EHS Coach and Trainer

Organization: Living Strong Consulting

Co-Presenter: Luz Cheila Bruno, Lancaster/Lebanon IU13

Workshop Description
Participants explore the impact that embedded inequity, social disparities, and systemic injustice has on identity, trans-generational trauma, and core belief systems. This conversation allows participants to start equity conversations with common language to advance future knowledge and create action. We will define diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, and examine why it is important to use these lens to assess how well we are connecting with ALL of the children and their families. Example of workshop engagement: - facilitate a whole group equity quiz - pair and share activity of naming personal resources - role play the difference in cultural competency and cultural humility - rubber band exercise to understand our roles of engagement in equity work.