3.7 Staff Wellness: Less Stress & More Joy

Presenter: Leslie Eslinger

Title: Director of Education and Development

Organization: Becker's School Supplies

Workshop Description
You deserve this. A session devoted to your wellbeing. Through an experiential session, you’ll feel the effects of new stress-reducing and joy building exercises that can be incorporated into your busy day. By building habits of self-care, you strengthen your coping mechanisms, build resilience skills, and can find more joy in your days. The research is on your side - self-care does make a difference. 
Activities and Active Participation include:

  • Identify things that bring you joy and what creates stress in your life - Partner Activity 
  • Mindful Eating & Observations- Experiential Activities
  • Share multiple strategies that are connected with dimensions of wellness such as self-affirmations, knowing your “why,” gratitude attitude, connecting with nature, movement, singing, etc. - PowerPoint Presentation