5.1 Infant Mental Health: The Heart of Family Engagement

Presenter: Ashley Shafer

Title: Graduate Student Researcher/Teaching Fellow

Organization: University of Pittsburgh, Family Foundation Early Head Start


Co-Presenter: Chris Dunkerley

Workshop Description
This workshop is intended to provide participants with a practical understanding of dyadic work and how being IMH informed in their home-based work with children and families is critical. We will discuss how young children's primary relationship provides the foundation for their social-emotional and mental health development. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of approaches to nurture and strengthen dyadic relationships to promote children's positive social-emotional and mental health. It is our goal, through this season, to share our knowledge of IMH and engage participants in applied experiences that will carry into their work with children and families. First, we will share a detailed explanation of IMH. Next, we will explicitly connect the social-emotional competencies to IMH practices, citing relevant research. Finally, we will end with an applied activity and an open discussion on IMH.