5.7 Mi casa es tu casa: Preparing an Intentional Learning Environment for all Learners

Presenter: Claudia Castillo-Magallanez

Title: Professional Learning Bilingual Specialist

Organization: Frog Street Press

Workshop Description
The presenter holds a master’s degree in early childhood with a minor in Bilingual Education, has been in the early childhood field for over 25 years, is a Master Trainer through Texas Early Childhood Professional Development Systems, and is an Adjunct Professor at San Antonio College in San Antonio Texas. The presenter has worked with young children as a teacher in bilingual and dual language Head Start classroom. During that time, presenter was able to practice and apply many strategies to encourage and support participation and active learning in a positive environment, allowing children to feel nurtured and be more confident in their interactions. The presenter served as an Education Specialist, coach, and manager where there was more service and support for children by the way of professional development for teachers.