Jeff Koppel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Jeff KoppelThe Jeff Koppel Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2021 to honor the life and important contributions Jeff Koppel made to the Head Start community.  

The Jeff Koppel Memorial Scholarship is be awarded to former Head Start students with an outstanding high school record who are enrolling in post-secondary education. Jeff’s widow, Sharon Koppel, also a former Head Start Director, said, “Jeff knew that Head Start years had to be followed by regular education, and then, post high school, if long-term life impact was to occur.”

Jeff began his Head Start career as Head Start Director at Huntingdon County Child and Adult Development Corp. He moved on to serve as Director of Early Childhood Services at the Berks County Intermediate Unit, and, then, under various contractors, Jeff provided management training and technical assistance for Head Start and Early Head Start Programs in Pennsylvania, Region III, and Federally.

Before his death on January 12, 2020, Jeff’s reputation as a friendly helper and advice-giver, fierce Head Start advocate, and always-available shoulder for Head Start Directors, staff, and Boards to lean on was well-established. His wit, breadth of Head Start knowledge, and strategic thinking helped Head Start programs everywhere be the best they could be. He is warmly remembered by all of us.

The first Jeff Koppel Memorial Scholarship Award(s) was given in the Spring of 2021.