Opening Session and Keynote: Baby Steps- Cultivating the power of relationships to grow in our work.

Keynote Speaker: Erin Troup, LPC, NCC, CT IMH-E (IV)

Title: Licensed Professional Counselor

Organization: Sprout Center for Emotional Growth and Development, LLC

In the past several years we have had forced disconnects and rocky steps back into connection. These “Ruptures and Repairs” have shifted not only the work that we do but how we feel about the work. The challenges that have surfaced we note in the children that we care for, the co-workers we spend time with and ourselves. This Keynote will share focus on the concept of “rupture and repair” and how we can use the power of relationships to grow in our work and connections with those we serve.

This 90 minute breakout will take a deeper dive into everyday moments of rupture and repair as well as how we build “resilience” and growth in the children we serve and those that we work with. Participants will be able to:

  • Define rupture and repair as a positive event within relationships.
  • Understand how daily ruptures and repairs add to growth and development as well as emotion regulation
  • Apply real life examples of rupture and repair to create new moments for connection and growth in a workplace and classroom setting.

Speaker Bio:
Erin is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in early childhood social emotional needs, particularly attachment, grief & loss, trauma and anxiety. Erin earned her undergraduate degree in psychology and child development from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She attended Chatham University for her MS in counseling and earned her Infant Mental Health Certificate in Pennsylvania’s first Infant Mental Health cohort.

In 2013 after work on a seminal grant supporting postpartum depression, Erin felt there was a gap in supportive counseling and consultation for many young families. She opened her practice: Sprout Center for Emotional Growth and Development, LLC out of the love and passion for supporting children and their families. She has worked in the fields of Mental Health, Early Intervention and Behavioral Health service for over 15 years. Erin has presented on a variety of topics including mental health, grief and loss, social emotional and child development throughout the United States; but she calls Pittsburgh home. Erin is a registered Child- Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) clinician, Certified in Thanatology through the Association for Death Education and Counseling and an Endorsed Infant Mental Health Mentor.

Erin has been appointed as a member of the State Advisory Council on Early Childhood Education and Care as well as Treasurer for the Pennsylvania Association for Infant Mental Health.