PA Head Start Webinar Offerings

Move2bFree: How Moving More Inspires Staff Well-Being and Social-Emotional Health
Presented by: Amy Requa and Linda Carson
When: On-Demand!
Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $75 per person

Webinar Description
This 2-part Move2bFree session is designed to enhance the health and well-being of dedicated, hard-working staff who are serving young children and families. It provides various strategies for self-care and actively engages participants in movement, self-reflection, peer to peer learning, and setting individual goals to improve health. This Move2bFree session addresses common issues of overweight and dental disease using concepts from I Am Moving, I Am Learning, the childhood obesity prevention initiative, while incorporating lively music with health messaging from Choosy Kids.

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Early Childhood Physical Activities: Physical Activity and COVID-19
Presented by: Diane Craft
Date & Time:
Live Webinar April 21st 1:30-3:00

*Will be available on demand after April 21
Duration: 90 minutes

Webinar Description:
The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted numerous changes in early childhood practices, including the recommendation to maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from others. Learn ideas for physical activities that can still be enjoyed by young children while striving to maintain physical distancing. These physical activities use inexpensive equipment and are fun for two- to five-year-old children to play and adults to lead.

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