Conference Schedule, March 29-30,2023
  Wednesday, March 29
  Opening Session and Keynote
Session 1 10:15am-11:45am
  1.1 Behavior Has Meaning Part 1
  1.2 Daring Leadership for Personal Growth and Equity Development Part 1
  1.3 Autism Spectrum Disorder: Experience the World Through Their Eyes.
  1.4 Using Tech to Connect
  1.5 Working Together: Collaborating for Inclusive Practices in Early Childhood
  1.6 Co- Creating Healing Connections for Growth
  1.7 Get Dirty- Inspire wonder, joy and wellness by engaging with nature, farming and families
Session 2  1:45pm-3:15pm
  2.1 The Importance of Connection- Using attachment work as the framework for building emotion
  2.2 Behavior Has Meaning Part 2
  2.3 Daring Leadership for Personal Growth and Equity Development Part 2
  2.4 The Impact of Substance Use Disorder on Parenting
  2.5 Supporting Families through the Prenatal and Postpartum Period
  2.6 Coaches Get Organized
  2.7 Connecting to a Child's Perspective of Awe and Wonder: Exploring Play and Technology
Session  3  3:30pm-5:00pm
  3.1 Relationship-Based Competencies: A Focus on Family Well-Being and Individual Practices
  3.2 Project Learning Tree: Trees & Me!
  3.3 Back to the Basics: Safety First
  3.4 Diversifying Classroom Libraries
  3.5 Lens on Equity: Brave Conversation on Trauma, Poverty, and Embedded Inequity
  3.6 Racial Identity Development for Children, Families, Educators, and Administrators -- Where to Start and How to Grow
  3.7 Staff Wellness: Less Stress & More Joy
  Thursday, March 30
Session 4 8:30am-10:00am
   4.1 Content Area/Networking: Disabilities, Family Services, Health & Mental Health, EHS, Parents
Session 5 10:45am-12:15pm
  5.1 Infant Mental Health: The Heart of Family Engagement
  5.2 Raise Your Voice in Support of Children: Telling Your Story
  5.3 Incorporating STEM in Early Years!
  5.4 Working Hard But Struggling to Survive: Meet Pennsylvania’s ALICE Population and Learn How to Advocate for Your Communities
  5.5 4BELS Teaching in A Bias Free Classroom
  5.6 Choices and Consequences: Limit Setting through Play
  5.7 Mi casa es tu casa: Preparing an Intentional Learning Environment for all Learners
Session 6 2:15pm-3:45pm
  6.1 Teacher/Family Connection: 5 Keys to Effective Communication
  6.2 Staff Well-Being and Morale – What Does It Mean?
  6.3 Strengthening Family Advocacy for a Child with a Disability
  6.4 Lessons from the Sandbox: Discovering Play and Embracing the Whole Child through the Lens of Fred Rogers
   6.5 Quality Care for Infants and Toddlers